A trip to Cilliwack

For the 2nd Strad Titian copy I needed a new neck block (the previous one was re-purposed to complete my 2nd electric violin).  I decided to go with locally sourced wood from a specialty wood shop about 100km from my home in Chilliwack, B.C.  Its been unseasonably cold here in the lower mainland, but it was a beautiful trip towards the mountains.  The shop is “Bow River / Artisan Wood to Works“.  They have a variety of wood and include a decent selection of locally sourced maple and spruce for violin making.  They have quite a selection of guitar and mandolin stock as well, and also service furniture makers and turners.  I was especially pleased with some basebar stock.  In general i find their maple to have a fairly wide grain.  Here are some pictures of the area and shop!


Hello Folks….
Well its been a while since my last post. I’ve moved across the country to Vancouver. My wife and I have taken up residence here. After a slight delay I’m reopening the violin workshop and its back to Titian #2. I also have some interesting Labrador spruce lined up for a Stainer!

Stay tuned….