The Making

Necessity is the mother of invention.  When designing the MK2 I looked for a design that was relatively easy to fabricate and consistent with 4/4 violin dimensions critical to playing.  I aimed for a rigid but light body design.

The neck and finger board are identical to any modern violin, with the exception of a hidden stainless steel nut in the heel of the neck where i meets the mortise.  A separate upper bout portion provides the player with a reference point in the same place and with the same feel as an acoustic.  The fitting of the neck to the upper bout segment and the body needed to be perfect to ensure that the finger board project over the body would be consistent.

Here are few pictures of the MK2 during its construction.

3 responses

  1. Very nice work. Your MK2 transsends the new and the old world. What is the document under your parts in photo #3? It looks like the body is maple. Such a clean and bright wood. How does she tone?

  2. Hi Devin,
    Thanks, the document is “Useful Measurements for Violin Makers: A Reference For Shop Use” by Henry A. Strobel. Its a handy reference for setting up violins and violas including fractional size instruments. The entire body is maple. The tone is clear and bright. This instrument is intended for travel and quiet practice, but I will be installing new strings and a piezoelectric pickup in the future, it will be interesting to hear it amplified!

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