Ashmolean Museum

  Beaumont St., Oxford, England, OX1 2PH

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“W.E. Hill Collection: gift of the violin dealers Arthur and Alfred Hill out of their concern that ever increasing musical demands on the fine old bowed strings were placing such enormous physical strain on them that none would survive in original condition. They gave 20 instruments in 1939, more in 1946, and 1948; and the Hill exhibition room was opened in 1950. The Hill Collection is to be preserved for posterity; not played. Additional instruments were gifts from other donors.” – CIMCIM

21 of Stradivari’s most important, well-preserved instruments to showcase the brilliance of his craft, including 11 works from his Golden Period.

A sample of some of the instruments on display is listed below:

  • Violin The Messie, Antonio Stradivari, 1716
  • Violin, Andrea Amati, 1564
  • Viola, Andrea Amati, after 1564
  • Viola, Gasparo da Salò, before 1609
  • Violin, Antonio Stradivari, 1683
  • Violin, Girolamo Amati, 1618
  • Violin, Nicolò Amati 1649
  • Violin, Francesco Ruggeri, c1696
  • Treble Viol, Giovanni Maria da Brescia, second half 16th century
  • Viol (?Bass), Gasparo da Salò, last quarter 16th century
  • Bass Viol, Anon, second half 16th century
  • Tenor Viol, John Rose, 1598
  • Viola, Girolamo Amati, 1592
  • Cittern, Gasparo da Salò, 1560-70
  • Cittern, Anon, c.1570
  • Guitar, Giorgio Sellas, 1627
  • Guitar, René Voboam, 1641
  • Guitar, Antonio Stradivari, 1680/88
  • English Guittar, Michael Rauche, 1770
  • Viola/Lira da Braccio, Gasparo da Salò, c.1600
  • Harpsichord, Jacob Kirkman, 1772

Updated July 2014


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