The Metropolitan Museum of Art  

1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street), New York, NY 10028

Website link Online list of Violins  Online list of Violas

“The collection, which is unsurpassed in its comprehensive scope, illustrates the development of musical instruments from all cultures and eras… Famous violins by Antonio Stradivari; guitars that belonged to the great Spanish classical guitarist Andrés Segovia; rare Asian and African instruments made of precious materials; and exquisite instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.” – CIMICM

The collection includes 100’s of violin artifacts including those below:

  • ex “Kurtz” Violin by Andrea Amati, ca. 1560
  • “The Antonius” Violin by Antonio Stradivari 1711
  • Violin by Joachim Tielke ca. 1685
  • “The Gould” Violin by Antonio Stradivari 1693
  • “The Francesca” Violin by Antonio Stradivari 1694
  • Violin by Nicolò Amati 1669
  • Viola da Gamba labeled Richard Meares1680
  • Violin by Antonio Gragnani 1783
  • Viola by Robert Horne1757
  • Viola by Jacob Stainer ca. 1660
  • The Batta-Piatigorsky Violoncello by Antonio Stradivari 1714
  • Guitar by Christian Frederick Martin ca. 1838
  • Double Bass and Bow by Plumerel mid to late 18th century
  • Violin by François Louis Pique 1803
  • Violin by Carlo Antonio Testore 1737
  • Violin by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli 1753 (?)
  • Violin by P. H. Holmes (American) 1885
  • Violin by Lars Jorgen Rudolf Olsen 1915
  • Violins from the Octet family by Carleen M. Hutchins
  • Fascinating 1625 violin
  • Plenty more bows, mute violins, and cases.

Reader submitted pictures:

Pictures courtesy of BassClef from Mestronet.

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