Rib Planing

Check out my first instructional video.  This one goes over the relatively simple process of rib planing.  Visit the page here for a summary and tips.


  • Block plane (low angle or standard)
    • High angle blade (50 degree)
  • Clamp
  • Flat surface for planing
  • Thicknessing gauge
  • Finely hooked scraper or scraper plane
  • Optional: toothed plane blade for faster wood removal during inital thicknessing


  1. Select the inside and outside of the ribs
  2. Plane the outside first, focusing on a smooth finish
  3. Flip and finish thicknessing
  4. Use the scraper or scraper plane to remove any plane marks from the outside surface


  • Test the cutting direction to determine if one direction is more sensitive to tear out than the other
  • Use the thicknessing gauge to determine the higher spots on the rib testing each edge, the middle and along the length, mark these with a pencil and concentrate planing on these locations
  • To prevent tear-out
    • A high angle blade
    • Cut slowing taking minimal wood per pass
    • Ensure a razor sharp blade