Royal Academy’s York Gate Collection, UK

Royal Academy of Music York Gate Collections, Marylebone Road, Marylebone, London, NW1 5HT

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The galleries display materials from the Academy’s collections of instruments, archives, manuscripts and images. The highlights of the collections include Cremonese stringed instruments dated between 1650 and 1740.

The “collection ranges geographically from local London craftsmen to influential Cremonese makers such as Antonio Stradivari and the Amati family”.

Collection instruments include:

  • Joachim violin by Antonio Stradivari (1698)
  • Rutson violin by Antonio Stradivari (1694)
  • Crespi violin by Antonio Stradivari (1699)
  • Viotti ex-Bruce violin by Antonio Stradivari (1709),
  • Kustendyke violin by Antonio Stradivari (1699),
  • Maurin violin by Antonio Stradivari (1718)
  • Ex Back violin by Antonio Stradivari (1666)
  • Ex Kux viola by Antonio Stradivari (1714)
  • Archinto viola by Antonio Stradivari(1696)
  • Marquis de Corberon celli by Antonio Stradivari(1726)
  • Markevitch celli by Antonio Stradivari(1709)
  • a five-string cello c.1600 by Antonio and Girolamo Amati

The Academy’s team of skilled luthiers can be seen some weekdays in the glass-walled studio workshop adjacent to the gallery, preserving and maintaining the collection of over 250 instruments.



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