Current Projects

Giuseppe ‘del Gesù‘ 1743 ‘Cannone’

In progress (plates shaping)

Using European Maple for the neck, side, and back and some specially sourced spruce for the top, I’m building a Cannone inspired violin.

Jacob Stainer 1679 ‘B’

In progress (varnishing)

The second Stainer violin is currently setup in-the-white for some final testing before varnishing. This violin has an aged Canadian Labrador White Spruce belly which is very promising.  The Maple is from British Columbia and beautifully flamed.

Stradivarius  1715 ‘Titian’

In progress (re-varnishing)

I’m refinishing the my 2011 Stradivarius Titan-inspired instrument

Markneukirchen Restoration

In progress

This instrument is being brought back from ‘wall-hanging’ condition.  I’ll be keeping the instrument in as near to original condition as possible.  However I will replace the spruce fingerboard and will look at re-tuning the belly.  It requires a lot of work and will be an on-going project, while I’m not working on new instruments.

Let me know what you think...

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