Final finishing, Grounds and Varnishing

Once the instrument has been assembled with the neck joined to the body, the neck is shaped and any final scraping and finishing done to the outside.  The upper edge of the plates is chamfered along with heel of the neck.

There are plenty of variations, but in general the varnishing is done in six steps: 1. final scraping, 2. ground (including a glue sizing if desired), 3. two clear coats , 4. several (4-8) colour coats, 5. two clear coats, and 6. polishing.

This instrument had the above without a mineral ground layer and with four color coats, however, the instrument will be refinished in the next year or so.

After several months the sound post will have to be replaced.  The sound of the instrument will mature quickly over the first few initial months, particularly as the varnish hardens.  The sound will continue to grow over the first couple years.

Let me know what you think...

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