The Violin Notebook

This is  a handwritten notebook from around 1987 which touches on most aspects of violin making and even some repair and maintenance.  The author of the notebook is unknown, however, he or she was likely a student of the Violin Making School of America.

If you use this notebook in your violin making or repairing, please make a contribution to the formal education of Violin Makers.  The Violin Making School of America accesses scholarships from the Violin Society of America.  You can donate to the VSA here.  Please select ‘VSA Scholarship Fund’ when donating.  You can make the donation in honor of ‘The Violin Making School of America’.

Note: while this notebook touches on repairs, please don’ t undertake repairs you are not practised and experienced in, especially on instruments of any value!

You can download a PDF of the notebook here: The Violin Notebook.  Please consider donating as noted above.

If you can help identify the author or providence of this notebook, please let me know by contacting me below.

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