Museo degli Strumenti Musicali

Auditorium Parco della Musica, viale de Coubertin, 00196 Rome, Italy

Website link

Limited collection of violins.  Needs confirmation.

“The collection is temporarely store in deposit. From the 16th c.: Italian rebec; viola da braccio, J. Marcus; cittern, 1536. From the 17th c.: violin, angels carved on back; viola da gamba, A. Siciliano, original bridge; lutes by G.Bechardini, Venice, 1609; Pasquale and Antonio Vinaccia e di Gennaro, Battista and Raffaele Fabricatore; archlute [6 choirs, 8 bass strings], G.Barrone, Napoli, 1713; viola d’amore, 1720; lutino, 1726; violin “Il Toscano”, A. Stradivari; viola, D.Tecchler, Roma, 1745); 8 keyboards including an orphica, Carl Leopold Röllig; 40 winds including: early 19th c. clarinet by Porporato; invention horn, decorated bell; and instruments from archaeological excavations. Mechanical instrument with a cylinder, 4 percussion; 52 accessories and parts of instruments: strings, bows, plectra, batons from celebrated conductors; photographs, engravings, reproductions of instruments and sounds.” – CIMCIM

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