Violin Making Schools & Courses

The following list of North American schools and programs has been compiled by my own research and also from the lists prepared by David Van Zandt and House of Note.  For a list of international courses, see the House of Note list.

Full Time

Ecole Nationale de LutherieQuebec City, Quebec

3 year, Full Time, Diploma Program

The Chicago School of Violin Making, Skokie, Illinois 

3 year, Full Time, Diploma Program

Minnesota State College/Southeast Technical, Red Wing, Minnesota

1 Year, Full Time, Violin Repair Course

North Bennet Street School, Boston, Massachusetts

3 year, Full Time, Diploma Program

Violin Making School of America, Salt Lake City, Utah

3 year, Full Time, Diploma Program

The New World School of Violin Making, Presque Isle, Wisconson

3 year, Full time, self-paced program.

Escuela de Laudería / National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, Querétaro, Qro., México

10 semester course in making violin family instruments. 


University of New Hampshire Violin Craftsmanship Institute,  Durham, New Hampshire

4 Weeks of summer courses on Violin making and related topics

Oberlin Summer Workshops, Oberlin, Ohio

4 weeks of summer courses including bass, violin making, Acoustics and Violin and Bow restoration.

“Leaning Trade Secrets” Workshops, Ashland, Ohio

This company offers a series of seminars distributed through the year focusing on topics in violin family and bow making including bow making, setup, and varnish.  The head instructor is Rodney D. Mohr.

Southern California Violin Makers Workshop, Los Angeles, California

Multi-week violin and bow making workshop, held every summer since 2006

Brian Lisus Violins, Ojai, California

Weekly 3hrs classes or 1-week sessions, intended for hobbyists