Ashmolean Poster Index

These posters are available on the Ashmolean Museum shop website.  There is a small lead time for some of the posters.

Index Description
1 Treble Viol, by Giovanni Maria of Brescia
2 Bass Viol, by Gasparo da Salo
3 Bass Viol, Italian 16th Century
4 Bass Viol attributed to John Rose
5 Lyra Viol by John Rose
6 Lyra Viol by Richard Blunt
7 Bass Viol by A & H Amati
8 Lyra da Braccio by G Maria of Brescia
10 Violin (Charles IX) A Amati
11 Viola (Charles IX) A Amati
12 Viola by Gaspara da Salo
13 Viola by A & H Amati
15 Violin (Alard) N Amati
17 Violin (inlaid) by Antonio Stradivari
18 Violin (‘Le Messie’) by Antonio Stradivari
31 Cittern by Gasparo da Salo
32 Cittern, 17th Century Italian
33 Cittern, 17th Century Italian
40 Guitar by Rene Voboam
41 Guitar by A Stradivari