Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali di Roma

Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 9/a, 00185 Roma, Italy

Website link  (Italian)

“840 instruments. Medieval and renaissance instruments include a set of 7 crumhorns by Jörg Wier, Memmingen, now Bavaria, 1524; 5 mute cornetts marked “HIE.S”, 3 curved soprano and 3 curved tenor cornetts; a sordun; gothic harp, 15th c.; clavichord, Italy, 16th c.; lutes by the Tieffenbrucker family, Venezia; 2 transverse flutes by Rafi; five recorders, including 2 tenor, 2 basset and 1 bass; pentagonal spinet by Giovanni Francesco Antegnati, 16th c.; harpsichord by Hans Müller, Leipzig, 1537; a guitar by Jacobus de Mensis, Brescia, 17th c.; lute, Matheus Buechenberg, Roma, 1617; theorbino, 1636 and theorbo, 1640, both Matteo Sellas, Venezia. Other keyboards include: arpicordo, Bolcioni, Prato, 1629; Italian harpsichords made in Italy, 1725; by Joannes Ruckers, Antwerp, 1637; 3 positiv organs; piano by Bartolomeo Cristofori, Firenze, 1722. Viola da gamba by Francesco Ruger, Cremona, 1726; Barberini harp, 1671; 3 oboes by Anciuti, Milano, early 18th c. Violins by David Tecchler, Roma, 1722; and Pietro Antonio dalla Costa, Treviso, 1729. The collection includes many other fine later instruments of all types.” –CIMCIM

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