Oxford University’s Faculty of Music, Bate Collection of Musical Instruments

  Faculty of Music, St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1DB

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Over 2000 instruments from the Western orchestral music traditions from the renaissance, through the baroque, classical, romantic and up to modern times – mostly brass and woodwind instruments.

Instruments in the collection include:

  • Violin by Henry Jay of Long Acre, London, 1746
  • Violin by Ernst Gläsel
  • Violin by Dominique Salzard, France
  • Violin by D.B.A. Palmer, Italy
  • Violin by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, France
  • Violin by Christian Wilhelm Seidel?
  • Violin by Roze. Paris, 1750
  • Violin by Robert Thompson, 1760
  • Violin by Mark Ellis. England
  • Viola by Otto Josef Klier
  • Cello by Henry Jay Covent Garden, London, 1739
  • Cello by anonymous, Klotz Germany, 1780

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