Musikinstrumenten Museum (Berlin Musical Instrument Museum), Berlin

Staatliches Institut fur Musikforschung, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Tiergartenstraße 1, 10785 Berlin

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– Italian Master Violins: Amati, Guarneri and, last but not least, Antonio Stradivari.
– Master Violins from Workshops in the Northern Alps
– Instrument Making in Berlin: including Möckel’s violins

Example instruments in the collection:

  • Violin by Gennaro Gagliano, Naples, around 1750
  • Violin by Antonius Stradivari, Cremona, 1703
  • Violin by Jacobus Stainer, Absam, 1654
  • Instruments of the Alemannic School (from left to right): Viola Alta by Frantz Straub (around 1690); Discant Violin by Joseph Meyer (third quarter of the 17th century); Bass Fiddle by Hans Krouchdaler (around 1685)

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