Stainer 1679: Molds and Ribs

ribsThe pattern is based on The Strad’s Stainer 1679 poster published in their April 1990 issue.

I use an inside mold with a large clearance for c-clamps which I use for clamping the counter-forms for attaching the ribs to the blocks.

In this build i’m making two violins more or less simultaneously.   The Ribs are well flamed with a wide grain (local British Columbia wood). The blocks are made from Newfoundland Black Spruce.

Note the grain orientation on the blocks.

Stainer 1679 – Purfling and Channel

I’ve made some progress on the back from my Stainer 1679 inspired violin.


The purfling channel was cut using two Ibex style purfling markers/cutter, one for the outer cut and one for the inner.  This is the method promoted by Roger Hargrave.  I found this particularly useful on the belly.

The channel depth was done using at Pfeil 9/10 gouge for the c-bout and a Pfeil 6/10 for upper and lower bouts, adapted from Davide Sora’s choice for the channel.  These had the bevel re-ground to create an even support while cutting. 

More on the method soon…