The Violin Makers Journal

The Violin Makers Association of British Colombia is a violin making club located in Vancouver, Canada.  The club has a long history dating back to its founding in March 1957.


I’ve recently become involved with the club and discovered the 60 issues its journal published from November 1957 to August 1964.  The Journal covers topics from editorials on violin making, violin making techniques and science, as well as the usual discussions on plate graduations and violin finishing.  The journal even includes direct correspondence from notables such as Carleen M. Hutchins.

I’ve begun digitizing and placing the editions on the club’s website, located here.  The remaining editions will become available as they are scanned.

This is a fascinating look into the recent history of violin making.  I’ll also be placing interesting articles from the journals here in the future.

VSA Competition Results

VSA Competition Results

Check out a summary of the latest Violin Society of America Convention/Competition, including winners of the many competitions.  Jeff Philips won a rare Gold Medal for both tone and Workmanship!  Overall  8 Gold medals, 17 silver medals and many certificates were awarded.

The VSA newsletter is here, and here are some nice pics of Jeff’s double-gold winning violin!

A trip to Cilliwack

For the 2nd Strad Titian copy I needed a new neck block (the previous one was re-purposed to complete my 2nd electric violin).  I decided to go with locally sourced wood from a specialty wood shop about 100km from my home in Chilliwack, B.C.  Its been unseasonably cold here in the lower mainland, but it was a beautiful trip towards the mountains.  The shop is “Bow River / Artisan Wood to Works“.  They have a variety of wood and include a decent selection of locally sourced maple and spruce for violin making.  They have quite a selection of guitar and mandolin stock as well, and also service furniture makers and turners.  I was especially pleased with some basebar stock.  In general i find their maple to have a fairly wide grain.  Here are some pictures of the area and shop!


I’ve recently had the pleasure of helping the OrKidStra group.  Olivia Pelling ( invited me to assist in repairing and setting up their stock of instruments in anticipation of the new school term.  OrKidStra’s mandate is to give children from under-served communities the opportunity to learn and make music together, inspired by El Sistema of Venezuela.