An Oldie

I picked up this instrument at a local flea market last summer.  The instrument was ‘out-of-commission’ when I got it and I’m undertaking it as a project and plan to restore it to playing condition.

The instrument is without corner blocks and is made with a mortised top block/neck.   The ribs are fairly thin, as is the back.  The front is roughly carved on the inside with a small bassbar.  The finish is a ‘combed’ finish, popular with furniture markers in the early 20th century.  There was a small crack under the bottom circle of the right f-hole and there is one at the sound post 😦    The seams were not intact.  The saddle and fingerboard appears to be spruce.

I’d love to hear if anyone has any information on where or when this old ‘factory’ instrument might have been made.  It did not contain a label or any other markings.

Let me know what you think...

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